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Oreo and Nutella mug cake.

Amanda Sep 20, 2013

I've been baking a bit recently, i don't even really know how this thing came about but it was delicious and sweet which is just what I wanted in that moment, the ultimate lazy student pudding. Find my recipe here.

Hey guys, remember me?

Amanda Sep 14, 2013

Hey guuuuys, so this post is long overdue. I just wanted to let you guys know I'm still hanging around, checking your posts and living life and stuff. I decided to move over to Google blogger. When I get on a new website and I love it lots I get all overexcited and nerdy, so nerdy that even Sheldon Cooper would be like

So I've been neglecting this site majorly, but I really do miss talking with all you guys! I'll be posting the blogs I do on this site, and also commenting and buzzing your awesome stuffs. I didn't mean to just disapear, I didn't even plan to stop blogging here altogether. What have I been up to since my departure? not much, I think I've pretty much been doing what I always do, reading, painting, blogging, baking, clubbing, planning for the future, worrying about my final year at uni and watching far too much t.v.

If you care to check out my new blog you can find it here

Now, if you see me all over your blog space commenting and shizz, I'd love for you to comment back, I've missed you guys! It's quiet early in the morning/late at night here right now and I'm tired, so I'll properly check out all of your posts tomorrow!

P.S. Shout out to Lory for the sweet message she sent me on twitter. Also for just being a sweety in general =)

Rosa's birthday surprise.

Amanda Jul 10, 2013

I was woken up at 7am this morning by julia who reminded me that I was to help with the birthday surprise for our friend Rosa. Today she turned 21 years old =) we woke Rosa up early with breakfast in bed, I can't take much (or any) credit for the idea and execution, julia came up with it, bought all the ingredients and cooked the amazing meal of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and breakfast muffins, along with cookies, strawberries and Prosecco (we told ourselves it was Champagne to feel more special haha). The best way someone can wake up in my opinion, especially on their birthday.

Can you believe I've never tried smoked salmon before? I've only ever sampled the non-smoked kind. The smoking makes it taste infinitely better.

I don't usually, or ever, do booze in the morning, but it's a special day! today Rosa is spending the day with her family, then on Saturday we plan to have a lovely picnic in the sunshine, then go to a London club in the evening to dance until our feet ache. Excited isn't even the word. I will be sure to take lots of pics, the only reason I didn't take more this morning is because I was slightly dazed from being awake so early, it was a struggle just to get my eyes unglued, i'm not used to it yet! though I suppose I should get back into the morning routine for when I go back to university.

Right now I'm very tired, no not tired exhausted but it's too early to go to bed yet so I'm keeping myself awake by checking all your wonderful blogs, drinking plenty of water and planning my bucket list. After randomly stumbling upon the film 'Now is good' online I want to do as much as i can as fast as i can. So I'm considering all the things I want to do while I'm on this earth. great film by the way, totally check it out if you haven't already seen it.

Happy Wednesday! 

Summer photo blog

Amanda Jul 07, 2013

So i noticed there's a few pics i've not shared with you for some reason or another, they've just been sitting in my camera memory card unused. No longer! here are some of the random things i've been doing that i forgot to blog about.

Selfie before Emma's 21st birthday party.

I've been gorging myself on white chocolate and raspberry cookies and hot chocolate and night.

Just some of my Summer playlist.

Enjoyed some ciders and tunes while stressing out over my last assignnets of the year.

Finsbury Park in the sunshine.

I've been addicted to cooking baked salmon.

Also really into sushi right now, actually just any kind of fish dish.

My all black look for my job interview, it was really hot that day, mistake.

Went out in Camden with Julia, Rosa, Bradley, katie and Blue.

hung out with jack at his new place, twas a great time indeed. 

It's going to be hot ALL week which i'm glad about but at the same time... I can't handle this much heat! i'm sitting at home right now with all the windows open and i'm still hot. At least it's a bit windy too. it was Emma's 21st on Friday and i'm sorry but i forgot to take my camera - i'm such a bad blogger! but it was so much fun, we went in a limo to the club. The club we went to was called 'Tiger Tiger' and i've been there once before but this time was much more fun because we had a booth aka: we actually had a place to sit (an important thing when you are wearing heels!) the music was really great, all chart and current stuffs. I'm looking forward to next Saturday because it will be Rosa's 21st! which gives me the week I need to recover from Friday haha. As well as the party i'm also looking forward to Saturday because it's going to be 30 degrees and really sunny! we're planning on spending the afternoon in the park with a picnic and some tunes. I will remember my camera this time!

What's in my bag.

Amanda Jul 04, 2013

Vanilla body mist by The body shop, oil absorbant papers from Superdrugs, Lip marker by GOSH, chocolate by chok-a-blok, cameo bracelet from ebay, floral sunglasses from NewLook, Dark blue shimmer nail polish by GOSH, Creme Brule petrolium jelly by Vaseline and my inhaler. 

I haven't been up to much lately, apart from writing and reading in vast amounts. The work place i joined haven't had any events for me yet so no luck there, in the mean time I'm looking for other jobs that can give me more consistent, dependable hours. I'm looking forward to the next two weeks because I have 2 different 21st birthday parties to go to which should be a lot of  fun.


Amanda Jul 02, 2013

The second pic was stolen from Chris!

Me and Chris went to Finsbury Park to soak up some of the sunshine and drink some wine, I'd never really liked white wine before but this one was really nice. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea because when we arrived there were people chilling on the grass everywhere. I think it was around 25 degrees that day? and very sunny, come ON weather, it's July now, we need more of this hot sunshine! 

Today I'm getting as much writing done as possible, I'm so close to finishing my story, I just want to finish so I can finally start the editing process, which although it will be long, I think it will be the most rewarding part. Writing is just re-writing, some famous author said that, can't remember who though. Also I should probably get some cleaning done, my flatmate Rosa get's back from Malia today (I think) and I've kind of left the place a state *gets mop out* hope you are having a happy Tuesday!

Outfit of the week / Happy 7 year Buzziversary to me!

Amanda Jul 01, 2013

Houndstooth skirt by Dorothy Perkins, Mint green jumper from the charity shop, leggings from New Look, the creepers are by TUK (the original creeper brand you know!), the watch was a gift from my aunt and the nail polish is Rimmel Lycra Pro in peppermint.

Heeeeeey guys, so it's my buzziversary! I've never really celebrated one before because until recently I didn't even know that that was a thing, I'm so glad it's a thing! because now I get to talk all about my journey on Buzznet.

I was first introduced to this awesome, awesome site through my friend Sophie at 16 years old, I think I first started posting in 2008 or something? and wow my post content has not changed much haha, but hopefully it's a lot more well written. I didn't have as many Buzznet friends back then and I wasn't on here that much, then again there wasn't all that much happening for me back then I guess, so not much to blog about! Buzznet has given me such a great outlet, for all my problems, thoughts and just general ramblings haa, thank you all so much for listening to it all, I promise to keep following all of your ramblings too! =)

Book review - Philip Pullman's 'The Amber Spyglass'

Amanda Jun 28, 2013

So I actually finished this last week but as you guys know I was too ill to post anything. For those asking, I am feeling a LOT better now, my throat is still a bit sore but that's the worst of it now, so relieved to not be bed ridden anymore!

On to the review.

I loved this book so much, even more than I loved the first and second ones in this trilogy. The three books are called 'His dark materials' trilogy, so called for the magical item that appears in each book, in the first book we are introduced to the altheiometer, a golden compass that used correctly can tell you the truth. In the second book The subtle knife is discovered, a magical knife that can cut the very fabric of the universe to create windows to other worlds. And in this final book, The amber spyglass, a small handmade spyglass allows the user to see the ever mysterious 'Dust' which floats across the world and clings to living things like humans and animals. 

Lyra and Will travel through the worlds, running from the religious forces that are after them and The subtle knife, along the way Lyra and Will, once children at the beginning of their journey not long ago, become adults, and so start to attract dust, which is linked in some way to original sin (I forget... it's a BIG book!) The biggest war of all time happens as Lyra and will try and to escape. Creatures from all different kinds of worlds gather to fight, witches, Winter bears, gallivespians (little creatures with poision spurs as feet), spectres, humans, etc. In this book there are chapters from other character point of views again which I found interesting, Mary for example has lenghty spaces in the narrative about her discovering a new creature and their way of life. Fate again plays a big role throughout this book, but Lyra discovers that although there is a prophesy about herself - that she will be tempted - the choice in the end, is entierly up to her.

I loved this book A LOT, like, a lot a lot. Without spoiling the end, it's sad and heartbreaking but moving at the same time. I cried a bit, i'll admit it. If you love high fantasy, fate and battle themed stories, this is totally for you.

Swiss Lips concert at XOYO

Amanda Jun 27, 2013

This was such a good time, I meant to blog about it a few weeks ago but I got ill and stuffs. Anywaaaaay, I had never heard of Swiss Lips before, my friend Julia discovered them online and before we knew it we were ordering tickets. I'm obsessed with their song 'You got the power' which is available on itunes if you want to give it a listen, so catchy. The band gave off really good vibes, not much was said in-between songs but I like that because it made us focus more on the music. 

The venue the concert was held in - XOYO, London - is also a pretty great place to go out in itself, upstairs there was Hip hop Karaoke going on, and Julia convinced us all to give it a go!

This was a MISTAKE haha, we didn't know half of the words to the song, but the awesome DJ that he was, had made a 'no hate' rule so that you had to clap and cheer to everyone, which I thought was really cool! as bad as we were, I still had such a great time doing it and would probably do it again actually.

Mahiki in Mayfair, London.

Amanda Jun 18, 2013

So after meeting my friends new friends - Will and Geroge from Texas - we went to Mahiki in Mayfair, aka the place to get THE most amazing cocktails. I had the pina colada which is served in a whole pineapple, and Jess (above) had the monkey brains, served in a coconut with a scary/funny face carved on it!  we also had a sharer cocktail called Zombie which tasted like heaven. Mahiki is tiki bar themed, although a little pricey, the drinks are the best I've ever had, the people were 90% friendly and the music was great! the only bad thing was the temperature. I think the air con system was broken or something because it was like the sahara in there! there wasn't a point in the night when i wasn't covered in sweat, not cute. Apart from that, I had a great time =D me, jess, Rosa, George, Will and julia went back to our flat afterwards and stayed up until 4am talking - except from Jess who had work in the morning - about random crap, I swear when you get American and british people together there is always lots to talk about. We disagreed about a lot but I got Will to admit that our chocolate is far superior.

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